Multi color LED joystick

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Illuminated joystick with short stem



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Product description

    • Illuminated joystick with short stem (for panel metal), delivered with a white bubble pear handle (illuminated, will change colour intermittently) and a transparent white shaft cover, as well as the power cable necessary for its connection.

    • Once connected, the handle/stem assembly is fully illuminated, changes colour and will look great on your panel.

Technical information: how to illuminate this joystick?

  • To illuminate this joystick, simply connect the supplied cable (red/black double connector) to the joystick and connect the ends to a 12V power source. The 12V can be taken from a molex connector of a PC power supply (Yellow = 12V, Black = GND)


    • 2/4/8 way

    • Pear handle Short stick (panel metal)

    • Centre distance: 47mm and 79mm

    • Four micro-switches included

    • Illuminated rod and ball (12V power supply)

  • Color Cycle: Red / purple / dark blue / light blue / green / yellow / white

  • Wiring not included

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