Bartop XL Raspberry Pi 3

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Arcade Bartop 2 players with Raspberry Pi 3

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Arcade bartop perfectly equipped and adapted for your home.

The bartopE BUZZ ARCADE takes you back in time, retracing the history of video games.
Let yourself be charmed by this mythical object and rediscover the pleasures of a real video game in an arcade!
High level of finish, selected components meeting the highest standards of professional quality:

  1. Equipped with a professional 24" Full HD monitor
  2. "Marquee Old School" with backlighting.
  3. System 2.0 rediscover the soundtracks of your favorite games! Volume control knob
  4. High quality control panel.
  5. High quality Japanese joysticks and buttons, standard configuration of 6 buttons per player.
  6. System raspberry pi 3 compatible recalbox and retropie. USB connections compatible pc and console
  7. A micro sd card is provided and compatible for 7000 retro arcade and console games

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